David Randolph appointed CEO of Printed Solid Inc to expand marketing, inventory, support, staff and new product development while maintaining the same personal experience that have defined Printed Solid as a premium provider of 3D printing supplies. This will help ensure that the tremendous growth Printed Solid is experiencing does not impact the core values of customer service and community involvement of Printed Solid. Read More
First we should talk about 3D printer enclosure designs and why you may want one. Enclosures serve three main purposes. 1) It helps keep heat in and prevent drafts over your build volume. 2) It keeps pets and hands away from hot ends and beds and pinch points. 3) It can help control VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) Read More

The team at Printed Solid is proud to announce our new mascot.  Sir Layersalot!  

The team at Printed Solid has recently commissioned prolific 3D Artist and community member Carmelo Nazario to help us with a great freely shared 3D Model of this design.  We highly advise checking out Carmelo's Patreon:

It is a lot of fun and generally easy to print.  You can print it hollow (yup, we get that irony) with no supports!  

Many have already printed and shared and I'm looking forward to seeing your prints!  Tag them with #sirlayersalot


You can download it from




Sir Layersalot on Display

Sir Layersalot printed in all of the colors of Polyalchemy Elixir



We will discuss each of the major options out there for controllers, extruders, hotends, build surfaces and more. Printed Solid can help you decide on what is the best option for you. Read More
We are happy to see Creality realize that GPL and open source doesn't mean "free" and there are responsibilities associated with it. Read More
Printed Solid has decided to discontinue carrying Creality printers.  Read on to learn more. Read More
This is an update to our previous articles about making your own version of Marlin 1.1.6/ 1.1.7/1.1.8 Read More
Guest Blogger Jeremy Proffitt attended the first Proto-Pasta Experience Group workshop where he got to make his own custom filament.  Read more about his experience here. Read More
A quick walk through of the process of preparing a thingiverse model for 3D Printing in preferred orientation. Read More
This is an update to our previous article about making your own version or Marlin 1.1.6 and 1.1.7.  Read More
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