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Printedsolid.com is a US-Based 3D Printing Supply and Services Ecommerce business.

Your 3D Printing Experts

We are a 3D Printing Supply and Services E-commerce business based out of Newark, Delaware. Our primary focus is providing premium and exotic 3D Printing filament materials to the US market. As part of that commitment, we offer upgrades from top 3D Printing companies, like E3D, to help you get the most out of your printer. While you might find other sources for premium and exotic 3D Printing filament, you won’t find any that dedicate as much time printing exclusively with these types of materials as we do. You can feel confident knowing our experts’ advice and guidance will always yield great results.

Our Roots

Printed Solid was founded in 2013, by Matthew Gorton, as a supplier of 3D Printing materials and accessories. In 2017, Printed Solid acquired Ranlaser, a company that had been designing and manufacturing safety enclosures for 3D printers for over 8 years, owned by David Randolph. In 2019, David Randolph became CEO of Printed Solid, where he brought his manufacturing expertise in-house, further defining Printed Solid as a market leader.

Printed Solid x Prusa

In 2022, Prusa Research by Josef Prusa acquired Printed Solid, making us the exclusive Original Prusa retailer for North America. We are proud to offer a full range of Prusa 3D printers for educational, government, and enterprise sales. Printers will be available for consumer sales in the near future.


Staying true to our commitment to provide premium 3D printing materials to the US market, Printed Solid launched our very own Jessie Filaments in 2015. Named after Dave Randolph’s dog Jessie, the filaments provide premium quality at a low, economic price. Printed Solid then grew its production to include Next-Gen Enclosures and Build Surfaces, with various models available to fit a wide range of 3D printers.

Next-Gen Enclosures

With 11 years developing enclosures for 3D printers, we launched our next generation of enclosures. We completely reworked everything from the ground up.
New materials, new approach to cooling, new spool holder, new universal design. Better fire protection over previous generation and easily modifiable by the end user.

Jessie is Printed Solid’s own exclusive filament line. Higher quality, easy prints, and a continued dedication to the community. Named after David Randolph’s dog.
Our filament is made in Delaware, USA. Unlike other brands that just respool foreign-made filaments and call it American-made. We make a truly end to end filament here in the USA.


Whether your a 3D printing pro or just starting out, our showroom is a blast of awesome! Our goal is to create that community feeling you get at a comic book, skateboard, or indy music shop, and bring it to 3D printing- kind of like a mini Maker Faire in a single room.

Our showroom is also a great resource for anyone who is thinking about purchasing a 3D printer. We understand that picking one out is really challenging- there are tons on the market, so how do you know which is worth the investment? For that reason, we have over a dozen different types of 3D printers on display and can run any of them at your request. Our 3D printing experts are there to help, with zero pressure to purchase. I fact, you’ve probably already spoken to many of our experts in your favorite online communities.

Want to consult with one of our experts?

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