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About Printed Solid is a US-Based 3D Printing Supply and Services Ecommerce business. 

We are primarily focused on providing premium and exotic 3D Printing filament materials to the US market. We carry filaments from brands like colorFabb, Proto-Pasta, NinjaFlex (Fenner Drives) and Taulman.

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As part of that commitment, we offer upgrades from top 3D Printing companies like E3D to help you get the most out of your printer. We also sell printers that are capable of running a wide variety of filaments out of the box from companies like Ultimaker and Lulzbot.

While you might find other sources for premium and exotic 3D Printing filament, you won’t find any that spend as much time printing exclusively with these types of materials as we do, so you can feel confident knowing that if you ask our advice on use of a material we carry, you will be able to get good results.

Printed Solid is our warehouse and showroom in Newark, DE showcasing a wide range of desktop 3D Printers and Materials

Printed Solid has a warehouse and showroom at 2850 Ogletown Rd in Newark, DE.  If you're interested in 3D Printing, our showroom is just a blast of awesomeness.  Our goal is to take that sort of community feeling you get at a comic book shop, skateboard shop, or indy music shop and bring it to 3D Printing.  Kind of like a little mini Maker Faire in a single room.  We've got over a dozen different types of 3D Printers on display and can run any of them at your request.  The idea is that picking out a 3D Printer is really challenging.  There are tons on the market, so how do you know which one is worth getting?  Do you need the $400 printer or the $3500 printer?  Get your hands on both and make the decision on your own.  No pressure.  Ever.  If you have any questions, our 3D Printing experts are there to help.  You've probably already talked to some of them in your favorite online communities already anyways!

We sell printers, filament, upgrades, and replacement parts. We also offer training and informational sessions for individuals and groups.