Original Prusa for Enterprise, Government, Educational and Consumer Sales

Printed Solid is your USA exclusive authorized Original Prusa reseller.

We are proud to be the exclusive authorized reseller in the USA for Original Prusa printers, materials and supplies. Printed Solid has a long history in the 3D printing industry supporting educational, government, enterprise and consumer sales and we are excited to bring Original Prusa to our offerings for these customers. Our sales and support staff are ready to help with your 3D printing needs. Email us today at sales@printedsolid.com and we can get you on your way to 3D printing with Original Prusa printers.

The Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ is the latest version of the award-winning 3D printers by Prusa Research. They have upgraded the MK3S with a brand new SuperPINDA probe for improved first layer calibration, added high-quality Misumi bearings and various useful design tweaks to make the printer easier to assemble and maintain. The MK3S+ includes all the proven features of the previous models, including the heatbed with removable PEI spring steel print sheets, automatic Mesh Bed Leveling, filament sensor, power loss recovery (power panic) and safety features. And it is still as silent as ever!

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Original Prusa MINI+ is a smart and compact 3D printing workhorse with all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to when you buy an Original Prusa 3D printer. MINI+ will surprise you. :-) It has a print volume of 18 cm (7”) cubed, removable spring steel sheets, ethernet and optional Wi-Fi and it’s based on the brand new custom-made 32-bit Buddy mainboard with silent 2209 Trinamic drivers.

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The Original Prusa SL1S SPEED is here! Compared to the original SL1, the new SL1S offers vastly improved print quality, a 25% larger print area, and up to three times faster printing with only 1.4 second exposure time per layer. Short exposure times combined with the built-in tilt mechanism enable you to print up to a 150mm tall object in three hours.

The SL1S is the perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints - fast! No matter whether you want to produce highly detailed sculpts, design and prototype, or you need a reliable workhorse for your workshop or lab, the SL1S delivers outstanding results across the board.

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Prusament is made at Prusa headquarters and is the only printer manufacturer to make their filament in house using Premium-Grade Materials. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested. They guarantee ±0.02mm precision with highly-consistent colors. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested – string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties – to make sure that every spool is perfect.

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Why purchase Original Prusa from Printed Solid?


Our team has the background your business, school and government need to succeed. With military veterans, former school educators, and enterprise deployment engineers on staff, we are ready to handle all your 3D printing requirements.


As the exclusive USA reseller of Original Prusa hardware you can rest easy knowing that your Prusa Research Warranty is valid. Prusa printers purchased thru 3rd party vendors or installers will invalidate your Prusa warranty. In addition to that you will also have the support staff at Printed Solid to help you with your printer.


With warehousing, offices, showroom and classrooms we are the perfect match for USA Prusa support in the Educational, Enterprise and Government markets. We are ready to work with your purchasing departments to fill your orders. From PO’s to W-9’s and east coat time zone you will be able to get someone on the phone to get things moving.

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