Why our prices are different from ordering from Prusa directly

You might notice that our prices are different from Prusa direct on some products. There are a few things also included in the price from Printed Solid compared to Prusa direct.

We have already paid the customs, duties, tariffs.

Anything purchased from Printed Solid ships from our USA based warehouse in Delaware so those international charges have already been accounted for. A Mk3S+ kit can be between $30 to $50 tariffs bringing it into the country while an assembled printer can be between $50-$80.


Shipping is already included in our price.

When you order from Prusa you will also need to pay for shipping which for a kit would be around $82.00 and an assembled is around $130. However when you order from Printed Solid the shipping is free on orders over $50.


We hope this helps clean up any confusion you might have.

If you have any other questions please email us at sales@printedsolid.com

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