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Printed Solid has lowered the prices on some of their most popular 3D Printing products and has made some changes to their shipping policy. Read More
Sometimes, infill is visible through the surfaces of a print. Even when the plastic is opaque enough not to show the infill by translucence, the infill pattern can sometimes be seen in the form of a slight structure or texture that it imparts to the outside of a print. This can occur two separate ways: for the top and the sides of a print. Read More
 A few days ago, I read a post on the 3D Printing Facebook group from Steve McGarr where he shared a beautiful print of an Einstein bust that was baby butt smooth.  To my surprise, he said that it was simply acetone vapor polished Polymaker Polywood. Read More
There are two main opposing types of errors that can produce poor corners: ringing and corner swell. To achieve high-quality corners, certain parameters must be matched to the printer’s physical characteristics, and they must be balanced to avoid falling into either of these errors. Before reading this article, check out the explanations for Ringing and Corner Swell. Read More
If you are active on any number of Facebook 3D Printing groups, there's a good chance you've had a positive interaction with Daniel Halvorson.  I'm active on a lot of those groups, and I've noticed how good Daniel's advice usually is.  Not only does he offer good advice, but he is usually very respectful and polite. Read More

Home user?  Design, slice, print, wait...  wait...  POWER OUTAGE!  swear your head off.  Start from the beginning.    

Happened to you?

Institutional user?  Student comes to you with a print, you start it, then realize that the day is almost over, there are still two hours left in the print, and you're not allowed to leave the printer running unattended. 

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Did you come here looking for 3D Printed Nerf Blaster Parts and accessories?

Yeah, we get that a lot.  We don't make any parts like that, but some of our friends do.  It just so happens that they have a similar name. 

We are Printed Solid and specialize in 3D Printers, filament, and upgrades.  If you'd like to design and 3D Print your own parts, we'd be glad to help.

Our friends run a business with a nearly identical name called...  3D PRINTED SOLID and they 3D Print custom Nerf blaster parts.  You can find them here.

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We’ve been spending the last several months working hard to get our new warehouse and showroom ready to open.

On May 15th, 2016 from 10-4 we will be celebrating with an Open House and Maker Festival and YOU are invited.  Our showroom and the entire warehouse at 2850 Ogletown Rd, Newark, DE will be open to the public for this event!

If you want to help us know how many people are coming, please RSVP at event brite.  It is free.

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I had a great time attending Midwest Reprap Fest 2016.  It was a lot of fun to meet online friends in person and see the amazing work that reprappers are doing. 

For the most part, I was only able to get away from the table at the beginning of the day before many people got there, so more pictures of things than people, but here are a few.  Will get some more up when I am back at my home PC, so check back later in the week to see some more!

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Kyle had approached me through a friend of a friend (said friend being a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 owner and the one who printed Kyle the awesome MIDI box) about wanting to try some of the colorFabb wood filaments on his new Davinci printer.  I have some personal experience with the Davinci printers and know that there are some nuances with the way that the machines I had tried operated, particularly their startup routine which lets the filament sit hot in the nozzle for an unusually long period of time during some long cleaning motions and bed heatup. Read More