With the announcement of MK4 why should you still buy a MK3S+?

With the announcement of the MK4 by Prusa we are very excited at Printed Solid and we are already working with Prusa Research to try and get inventory in house for our education, government and enterprise customers. However with high demand from pre-orders we do not know when to expect inventory and will most likely not have inventory for the foreseeable future. We are hoping for late 2023 or early 2024. We will not be taking pre-orders for the MK4 as well since we do not have an accurate timeline on when we will receive them.
    This does not mean that the MK3S+ is outdated or no longer a viable option for your classroom or business. On the contrary, the MK3S+ might be the better solution for you. The Mk3S+ has almost 5 years in the field with improvements made to it on hardware, firmware and software. These things make the Mk3S+ an extremely reliable machine and in a classroom or business setting the printer already has proven record of dependability .
    With the Mk3S+ being one of the few remaining open source printers it will continue to be developed, manufactured and sold. So with the announcement of the MK4 do not think that it means the Mk3S+ is at the end of life. It will continue to have service and parts and upgrades and software updates keeping your MK3S+ up and running for years to come. Prusa is well know for long life printers with first and second generation printers still in the field after almost 10 years.
    So we are telling all of our educational, enterprise and government customers that unless you want to delay deployment till 2024 then the Mk3S+ might be the right solution for you. So reach out to our sales team at Printed Solid via email at sales@printedsolid.com and we can help you develop your game plan with 3D printing in your school or business or secret alien base for our government sector clients.

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