Jessie PLA 1.75mm X 1kg transition roll

Jessie PLA 1.75mm X 1kg transition roll

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Jessie PLA 1.75mm X 1kg transition roll

A transition roll is when we go from making one color to another color. So you may get half of two colors or one color and the rest of the spool is some off mix. OR you may get some random mix of colors all together. So if you don't care about color because you plan on painting it or just don't care at all then this might be a good solution for you. They are still 1kg rolls and still in specification. Just the colors are not consistent or a mix or just completely off . Sorry, no special request or color preferences are accepted. The spool is chosen at random.


This is our new line of PLA filament called Jessie PLA. What makes our filament unique compared to other filaments out there?

  1. Our filament is made in Delaware, USA. Our pellets are sourced from Nebraska. Our Colors are manufactured in Illinois. Our spools are manufactured in Indiana. Unlike other brands that just respool foreign made filaments and call it American made. We make a truly end to end filament in the USA.
  2. We keep environmental impact as low as possible with recycled styrene spools and a low loss extrusion process to minimize waste.
  3. It is name after the owners dog.
  4. It is a constantly evolving extrusion line with new colors and materials planned. We also are working on better spooling, even tighter tolerances and adding in more and more quality control over the industry standards.

More colors are coming all the time so keep checking back in.

Q: Who is Jessie you ask  A: Jessie is a dog.

Q: Why name a filament after a pet  A: Why not? She is a wonderful friend.



  • Print temp 195 to 220C
  • Bed Temp 40 to 60c
  • +/- 0.05mm or less diameter variation but usually less than +/- 0.02mm
  • 0.03 mm or less on either axis
  • Net Weight 1kg

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