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Jessie Premium PLA

Printed Solid’s own exclusive filament line- Jessie Filament- just got even better. We have listened to your feedback, and we have overhauled our process from start to finish. Here are a few of the exciting upgrades:

  • Specialized industrial hot air desiccant dryers to dry our PLA resin

  • Modified our entire extrusion process to make a most consistent heat profile

  • Upgraded our calibration equipment and dual axis laser measuring systems to ensure a +/- 0.02mm across two axis

  • Installed all new spooling equipment to give us clean spooling on all of our spools to prevent snags or tension errors and it makes our product look amazing on the spools

Jessie Premium raises the standard with higher quality, easy prints, and a continued dedication to the community.

PLA Filaments

Jessie Specs

Diameter:1.75mm or 2.85mm +/- 0.02 across two axis

Printing Temp:200-240C

Bed Temp:~60C

PLA Filaments

Made in USA

Made in the USA

Our filament is made in Delaware, USA. Our pellets are sourced from Nebraska. Our colors are manufactured in Illinois. Our spools are manufactured in Indiana. Unlike other brands that just respool foreign-made filaments and call it American-made, we make a truly end-to-end filament in the USA.

Superior Material

Jessie is a constantly evolving extrusion line with new colors and materials planned. We also are working on better spooling, even tighter tolerances and adding in more and more quality control over the industry standards.

It’s easy-to-print with its excellent ovality rating, and it’s more environmentally-friendly, to boot. We keep environmental impact as low as possible with recycled styrene spools and a low-loss extrusion process to minimize waste.

Made in USA

Pure Colors

At 35+ colors and counting, our pure color catalog is constantly expanding. Our pure colors are never dulled down with fillers, so your prints will be radiant and just the right tone, every time.

Jessie Premium PLA 1.75mm

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Jessie Premium PLA 2.85mm

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