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Original Prusa Pro HT90

Original Prusa Pro HT90

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The only 3D printer an engineer needs.

Featuring an actively heated chamber, innovative cooling, and swappable print heads, the HT90 easily handles anything from ultra-fast PLA prototypes to demanding PEI (Ultem) 3D prints, the most used aerospace-certified filament.

The Prusa Pro HT90 is a delta kinematics 3D printer with a cylindrical print area (Ø300 × 400 mm). It is specifically designed to maximize the potential of advanced materials like ABS, ASA, PCCF and PA. Its heated chamber, which reaches up to 90 °C, and innovative cooling system, provide unparalleled layer adhesion and print quality.

With the HT90, you can print large objects without any warping, poor overhangs, or layer delamination. Additionally, the Input Shaper technology enables ultra-fast printing prototypes from PLA, PETG, and similar materials, all of them easily printable even with a closed chamber.

Equipped with a swappable print head featuring a high-temperature nozzle capable of reaching 500 °C, the HT90 also handles demanding materials like PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PSU, PES, PEI (Ultem) for small to medium-sized objects. This makes it the most affordable 3D printer for high-performance filaments. The built-in recirculation loop constantly purifies the air inside the chamber through a HEPA filter. Both the High-Flow and High-Temperature print heads are included in the package.

The printer is easy to set up and configure, offering both a fully-featured offline operation for maximum security and a robust online print management system.

Main Features

Ultra-fast Industrial printer


Ø300 × 400 mm Build volume


Nozzle temperature Up to 500 °C


Bed temperature Up to 155 °C


Actively Heated Chamber


HEPA and Carbon Filter


Offline and Online Operation


Get the most out of your materials

The HT90 is engineered to maximize the potential of materials like ABS, ASA, PA, PCCF, Flex, and more. Its 90 °C heated chamber provides unparalleled layer adhesion and print quality, enabling easy production of large objects without warping or layer delamination. The innovative servo flap redirects airflow to precise areas of the model within milliseconds, allowing the HT90 to print flawless overhangs with minimal supports without overcooling the printed object.


The most Affordable Printer for High-end Filaments

The high-temperature print head, high-performance heatbed, and actively heated chamber make the HT90 the most affordable 3D printer capable of handling high-end materials. Print small-to-mid-sized objects from such filaments as PEEK, PEKK, PPS, PSU, PES, and even PEI (Ultem), a material extensively used in the aerospace industry.


From Aerospace to Medical

Thanks to its ability to handle a vast array of materials, the Prusa PRO HT90 is the go-to choice for many different industries. Print engine parts and coolers, medical implants and functional parts of machinery, valves, pipes, chemically-resistant components, durable heat- and cold-resistant parts and much more. No project is too demanding for the HT90.


Innovative Rapid Cooling Solution

The unique air management system is designed for real-time airflow control and optimal print quality with all materials. The print fan draws outside air while the high-speed flap redirects its flow within milliseconds, faster than any normal cooling fan can do. This enables vastly improved printing of overhangs while the layers in the rest of the print do not suffer from overcooling.

Additionally, a closed-loop air recirculation system with a HEPA filter keeps the chamber free of ultra-fine particles, while an automatic intake flap manages temperatures for materials like PLA and PETG, so you can print them with the chamber closed. The key components are placed outside the heated chamber, prolonging their lifespan.


Large and Precise

Achieve unparalleled precision with the Prusa PRO HT90! We have tuned the print profiles so that you can design precise parts and work with great accuracy. The print volume is a full cylinder with a 300mm diameter and 400 mm tall Z-axis. The printer has a small footprint that is further enhanced by a vertically sliding door to save more space.


Swappable Print Heads

The print head is held in place using magnets. Simply detach it from the arms, disconnect the cable from the top of the printer and replace it with a different model. The High-Flow Print Head with a quick-swap 0.4mm Revo nozzle is the perfect choice for rapid prototyping with materials up to 300 °C. In contrast, the High-Temp head with an abrasive-resistant quick-swap 0.4mm Revo nozzle reaches up to 500 °C and enables printing with materials such as PEEK, PEKK, or PEI (Ultem). Both print heads are included with the HT90.


Actively Heated Chamber with HEPA Filter

The printer’s actively heated chamber with a closed HEPA and carbon filter recirculation loop can reach up to 90 °C, providing an optimal environment for even the most demanding materials. Print large robust objects from ABS/ASA without negative side effects, such as warping or layer separation, use PLA for quick prototyping, and create durable objects from PEEK or PEI.


High Speed, Great Print Quality

The HT90 delivers smooth, dimensionally precise prints without typical artifacts present on CoreXY or cartesian 3D printers. This is because the movement of the direct-drive extruder is controlled by a coordinated shift of three lightweight arms, while the printed objects remain stationary. Equipped with Klipper firmware and Input Shaper technology, the HT90 achieves ultra-fast speeds while maintaining top print quality across the entire cylindrical print area.


Always-perfect First Layer

Three high-precision Loadcell sensors measure the distance between the nozzle and the print sheet with exceptional accuracy. This enables the printer to automatically achieve an absolutely pristine first layer, no matter which print surface you choose, without any need for manual adjustment.


Easy setup, Automatic calibration

Once you unpack the HT90, you can start printing in mere minutes. The entire preparation process is fast and accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. Everything is controlled using a large 7’’ touchscreen. Finish the automatic calibration, load a filament of your choice, and start printing!


Maximum Security with Offline Mode

We understand the importance of security in industrial applications. While the HT90 offers a comprehensive remote print management system and surveillance, the printer is fully prepared for a completely offline operation. You can even disconnect the Wi-Fi module from the printer. We do not collect information about your prints or your printer’s surroundings. No matter whether you’re developing a new-generation space shuttle or just printing tools for your workshop, no organization should be interested in this information.


Robust Remote Management System

You can access two fully-featured remote print management systems depending on your requirements. The HT90 offers both local and remote management modes - in the local mode, the printer can be reached only from the local area networks, but you can also add it into Prusa Connect, our secure remote print management system, so you can access it from anywhere. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the built-in camera for print monitoring and chamber lighting. Attaching an external USB camera is also possible.