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We Are PrintLab - 3DPrinting Lesson Plans

We Are PrintLab - 3DPrinting Lesson Plans

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PrintLab Teacher/Site License

PrintLab is an online platform of 3D printing resources for schools. Pick and choose from a wide selection of mini courses, projects and challenges that teach students how to design their own unique 3D printed products. Resources are split into 3 categories:

Mini Courses - Mini courses are based on informative video content or step-by-step tutorials. They help students to build foundational knowledge in 3D printing and technical skills in 3D design software using Tinkercad or Fusion 360 software (both free for Education).

Projects - Projects guide students through each stage of the design process to make specific types of products in the fields of assistive technology, customized product design and STEM. They include a brief, background information, 3D design tutorials, portfolio templates and instructions on implementing various design methods such as user interviews, brainstorms, idea sketches, product evaluations and more.

Challenges - Challenges are live briefs where students have the opportunity to design creative solutions for real organizations and people. They are broad and open-ended, giving students complete freedom in both the product created and the design process undertaken. Our first 2 challenges are based on assistive devices and homeware, with many more to be launched in due course.

Simply select a resource, generate a share link and send it to your students to give them one-click access to the learning platform. No logins required! Additional features that save teachers time and stress include:

  • Standards-aligned lesson plans and teacher instructions with each resource

  • Portfolio templates that students can fill in to document their design process

  • Assessment rubrics to grade portfolios

  • New resources each month


Free 1 Week Access Trial Available here: Free Trial 


License Options

1 Year Teacher License (For individual teachers and STEM instructors)

Gain access to all PrintLab resources and generate up to 3 share links at any one time. Share links only give access to the specific resource shared and up to 35 people can use an individual share link at any one time.

1 Year Site License (For schools, universities, libraries, makerspaces and STEM organizations)

Includes UNLIMITED teacher licenses for your school and each teacher can share UNLIMITED resources with students. *Within 24 hours of activating your license, you will receive an online form to on-board additional teachers. Please note that all teachers must be part of the same individual school and all licenses expire exactly 1 year after the first license is activated. For multiple schools or district pricing, please email

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