Voron Powder Coated Flex Plates by Printed Solid

Voron Powder Coated Flex Plates by Printed Solid

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Voron Powder Coated Flex Plates by Printed Solid

Our own brand Flexplate Solution for Voron Printers by Printed Solid

All sizes are double sided Powder Coated

120mm x 130mm 0.5MM thickness
254mm x 274mm 0.5MM thickness
304.8mm x 324.8mm 0.5MM thickness
355.6mm x 375.6mm 0.4MM thickness

Our own custom designed flexplate solution for the ultimaker 2 and 3 printer


Pick a magnet base if you don't have one on your machine already.


Choose your flexplate, which can be either double-sided powder-coated PEI or a blank plate you choose your own covering for.

The magnet is good for up to 110 c

After installing the flexplate system, be sure to go through the manual adjustments on the printer before your first print.

We Recommend

For the Ultimaker 2 and 3, we highly suggest getting a separate glass build plate to apply the magnetic base to.

We are big fans of the Buildtak PEI and we recommend the 304x304mm sheet size. Buildtak uses pure Ultem PEI and gets a truly great result.

Nylon or TPU Printing? Check out the Gecktek sheets

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