V2 Acrylic Sheets for Prusa Lack Enclosure

By Printed Solid

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V2 Acrylic Sheets for Prusa Lack Enclosure

This kit includes 3 sheets cut to 440mm x 473mm and 2 sheets cut to 220mm x 505mm. The 3rd sheet of 440mm x 473mm includes 5 laser cut holes 10mm round in the same location as in the instructions to save you the chance of cracking the acrylic with a drill bit. 3mm thickness

You will need to purchase the rest of the hardware separately.

If you want to build the v2 Prusa Lack enclosure from their article and need the acrylic pieces then we have you covered. https://blog.prusaprinters.org/mmu2s-printer-enclosure/

At Printed Solid we make a line of enclosures for various printers including our own design for the Prusa Printers but we know that sometimes you want a DIY solution.

Acrylic can be very expensive at your local box store and the quality can vary greatly. So we have used our buying power to get you all of the acrylic pieces needed to make your own v2 IKEA Lack enclosure. Our acrylic is manufactured to very high tolerances and is made from extruded acrylic. We went with extruded acrylic as the tolerances are tighter than cast and the files supplied in the Prusa instructions have very tight fittings.

We have priced this lower than most box stores would charge and that includes free shipping in the United States.

We still carry the v1 of the Prusa Lack acrylic which you can find here.

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