Slice Engineering 50w heater

Slice Engineering

High performance, high temperature, 50 watt cartridge heaters made to Slice Engineering’s specifications. Overall length: 22 mm. Diameter sized fit into a 6 mm H7 toleranced hole. Molex connectors. Leads are 1 m in length. Available in 12V or 24V variations.

We inspect the outer diameter of our cartridge heaters with a full-length “go” ring gage to ensure the outer diameter does not exceed the maximum material condition envelope.  Beware loosely toleranced cartridge heaters that will not provide a close fit in a heater block.

Designed in Gainesville, Florida; engineered, manufactured and assembled in China.

If you are looking for alternative heaters that will work with the Mosquito Hotend check out the E3D High Precision Heater Cartridge

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