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Slice Engineering 50w heater

Slice Engineering 50w heater

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High performance, high temperature, 50 watt cartridge heaters made to Slice Engineering’s specifications. Overall length: 22 mm. Diameter sized fit into a 6 mm H7 toleranced hole. Leads are 1 m in length. Available in 12V or 24V variations.

We inspect the outer diameter of our cartridge heaters with a full-length “go” ring gage to ensure the outer diameter does not exceed the maximum material condition envelope.  Beware loosely toleranced cartridge heaters that will not provide a close fit in a heater block.

Designed in Gainesville, Florida; engineered, manufactured and assembled in China.

If you are looking for alternative heaters that will work with the Mosquito Hotend check out the E3D High Precision Heater Cartridge Or the new E3D High Temp 65W heater