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Prusament Resin Flex80 Black 1kg

Prusament Resin Flex80 Black 1kg

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Prusament Resin Flex80

Prusament Resin Flex80 is a high-quality rubber-like resin with a hardness around 80 Shore A. It is designed to print objects with soft, yet durable finish, providing the perfect balance between flexibility and strength. The flexibility of printed objects can be compared to a car tire, leather, tendons or a rubber shoe sole.

Prusament Resin Flex80 is easy to use resin and provides detailed prints. It is capable of fast printing of parts with intricate features while ensuring that they remain flexible, which makes it a perfect choice for rapid prototyping, functional parts, durable figures, RC car parts, organic structures, medical models and many other objects. Compared to most other flexible resins on the market, our Prusament Resin Flex80 has a noticeably lower odor and viscosity allowing the finished models to be easily washed in isopropyl alcohol without special washing and post-curing procedures.

Printing with the Original Prusa SL1S SPEED

Prusament Resin Flex80 works with a majority of third-party MSLA 3D printers. However, it was tailor-made for the Original Prusa SL1S SPEED where it delivers the best possible results - you’ll get astonishing speed without losing any print details. Thanks to the monochromatic display, it’s possible to print the Flex80 with exposures as short as 2.6 seconds (SL1S SPEED, 0.025mm layer height).

Material type and color

Prusament Resin Flex80 is currently offered in two colors: Transparent Clear and Black. It’s a great option for printing RC car tires, durable rubber-like figures, prototypes, medical models, functional parts and much more. Please follow the safety instructions for working with resins; wear gloves when handling uncured resin.

Basic Attributes