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Prusament PC Blend 1.75mm 800g Carbon Fiber Black

Prusament PC Blend 1.75mm 800g Carbon Fiber Black

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Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber (PCCF) is a PC Blend filled with carbon fibers to improve its strength, toughness and temperature resistance. Unlike the unmodified PC Blend, PCCF comes with great dimensional stability, good resistance to UV light and common chemicals, better tensile strength and toughness, but most importantly with high-temperature resistance.You can inspect parameters of every spool made at Check the sample spool!


Do you Dry your Material please read this article before Drying
Drying Filament


Manufactured In-House By Josef Prusa

Prusa Research was not satisfied with the quality of filaments on the market. So they decided to make their own! Prusa Research is the only 3D printer manufacturer with its own filament production.

Premium-Grade Materials And Thorough Testing

The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested – string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties – to make sure that every spool is perfect.

± 0.02 mm Manufacturing Guaranteed Precision

Prusa Research believes the industry standard of 0.05 mm isn’t sufficient for perfect 3D printing. Instead, they guarantee ±0.02mm precision and highly-consistent colors in their filaments.

High Quality You Can Check Yourself

Prusa Research is the only manufacturer that gives the option to inspect parameters of every filament spool. Scan a QR code on the spool to see all details online (check the sample spool).


About PC Blend Carbon Fiber

PCCF (Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber) has similar printing qualities to unmodified PC Blend but the addition of the carbon fibers makes it even stronger, more resilient, more temperature resistant, and dimensionally stable.
Unlike pure PC Blend, PCCF practically doesn’t warp and has a nice matte surface. Compared to other materials, PCCF has good resistance to UV light and common chemicals. The PCCF is slightly lighter than unmodified PC Blend, with approx. 5% difference.
Carbon fibers inside the filament are made by recycling waste from the manufacturing process or from carbon composites after the end of their lifespan.

PCCF is ideal for printing mechanical parts and heat-stressed components, for example, various gears and machine parts requiring heat resistance over 100°C. Probably the greatest advantage of PCCF, compared to PC Blend, is the possibility of printing large models without the necessity of using a heated enclosure.

Print preparation

It is necessary to use a hardened steel nozzle. Carbon fibers are a highly abrasive material and may damage a brass nozzle.
Powder-coated or satin TXT sheet provides good adhesion. Clean it with IPA (available in drugstores, for example) which works great not only with PCCF but with other materials too.

Pour a small amount of IPA on a paper towel and use it for cleaning the surface. To achieve the best results, clean the surface while it’s cold. Keep in mind that higher temperatures will evaporate the alcohol before cleaning the surface. Also, don’t forget that the heatbed preheated for printing with PCCF has a high temperature (110 °C) and may burn you if you touch it! Another possibility is cleaning the surface with warm water and a few drops of dish cleaner on a paper towel. You can also use denatured alcohol.

We don’t recommend printing with PCCF on a smooth PEI sheet. This material adheres greatly to the PEI surface and may cause damage to it. This type of damage is not covered by the warranty. If you need to print on a smooth surface, spread a thin layer of paper glue stick on it.

Also, if you often print with PCCF on the satin sheet, we recommend using a glue stick to prevent surface wear-out.

Printing Setup
Nozzle 285±10 °C
Heatbed 110±10 °C
Positive Values Negative Values
+ Great mechanical properties (tenacity and toughness)
+ Excellent temperature resistance (114 °C)
+ Possibility of annealing (improving resistance up to 130 °C)
+ Dimensional stability – easy printing, possible to print large models
+ High wear resistance
+ Good UV stability and resistance to common chemicals
+ Highly attractive matt black surface
+ Lighter than unmodified Prusament PC Blend
+ Enclosure not needed
+ No need for drying prior to printing
+ Using recycled carbon fibers from the manufacturing process
- Requires hardened stainless steel nozzle
- Breakable filament (unlike Prusament PC Blend)


Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber Black is made in-house by Prusa Research.

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with a precision of ±0.04 mm.

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Nick C.
United States United States

Excellent Material, Terrible Spool

This is the best end-use filament I've ever used. Super easy to print, no enclosure needed. Only need to dry the filament. But when you do at the appropriate temps for PC, the spool comes apart. I just spent frustrated 30 minutes, and wasted 1/2 a spool of material when it came apart.

Natalie G.
United States United States

Great for functional parts.

No warping, great surface texture, super strong! Never had an issue after doing live-z calibration.

walter b.
United States United States

Prusa Excellence

This prusament filament is the best I have ever used. I printed pc-cf in my delta and It was flawless. No blobs or stringing at all. Layers were tight and uniform. I will always use prusament

Brian D.
United States United States

Awesome and so easy to use

The Prusament PC CF blend filament lives up to the hype. It is a strong filament with great heat deflection and looks good with a matte like finish that hides the layer lines well. First time using a hardened nozzle printing at 285c and it was a non-event. My new favorite filament.

Scott M.
United States United States

My new favorite filament for functional parts

Easy to print as long as you can run 285c on the nozzle, 100c on the bed and have an all metal setup!