Phaetus Dragonfly HIC


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Phaetus Dragonfly HIC
Phaetus Dragonfly HIC
Phaetus Dragonfly HIC
1. The HF version uses a lengthened nozzle design, which is more suitable for high flow and high speed printing

2. The HF version uses a one-piece welded nozzle for higher strength and better airtightness

3. The HF version's heat break kit adopts side envelope surface type fixed structure: stable and reliable with the possibility of quick replacement

4. Longer nozzle and heat block: larger melting cavity, suitable for high flow and high speed printing.

5. 0.25mm wall thickness heat break: excellent heat insulation, no filament blocking

6. Copper alloy / hardened steel material, meet high temperature, wear-resistant material printing

7.Brass nozzles / Hardened steel nozzles / Plated copper nozzles support high temperature, wear-resistant filament printing


Compatible with

CR-10/CR-10S series
CR-20/CR-20 Pro
Ender 2 / Ender 3
Ender 3 V2
Ender 3 Pro
Ender 5/Ender 5 Plus/Enter 5 Pro

Compatible with all filaments, including: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PP, PC, Nylon, PEEK, PEI and composite materials containing abrasive additives, such as carbon fiber, steel, wood, boron carbide, tungsten and phosphorescent pigment.

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