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Original Prusa Enclosure Add-On's

Original Prusa Enclosure Add-On's

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Note: Can only ship to continental USA. No Forwarding or APO/FPO or Hawaii or Alaska or Canada service.

Original Prusa Enclosure Add-On's

advanced filtration system of the prusa enclosure

Advanced Filtration System

The filtration system is useful when you print materials such as PC Blend Carbon Fiber and other materials that produce particles during printing. The Basic Board and PS U Add-On is required for the The filtration system and is sold separately.



white LED iluminating mk3s+ in enclosure while printing

White LED Strip

You can install an optional white LED strip into the enclosure to light up your 3D printer. The strip is powered by a separate PSU which will be added to your order automatically. The Basic Board and PSU Add-On is required for the white LED strip and is sold separately. 



closeup of enclosure lock and key

Mechanical Lock

A standard mechanical lock that fits in the door of the enclosure, so you can keep your 3D printer safely locked. A perfect option for schools, universities, hackerspaces and other institutions and businesses. This lock uses a standard key.

PSU cable quick release being conected

PSU Cable Quick-release

NOTE: MK3S+ compatible only. No support for MK4.

The enclosure is designed to allow easy removal of the printer together with the PSU. However, if you plan to remove the printer more often, you can purchase this cable quick-release connector and remove only the printer. Please note that only black PSUs from Delta are supported. If you have the silver PSU, you have to upgrade it first.

Basic Board and PSU (MK3/S/+ MK4)

The Basic Board and the power supply unit (PSU) is an official add-on pack for the Original Prusa Enclosure which needs to be installed if you want to install other add-ons, such as the Advanced Filtration System and White LED Strip. The Basic Board provides basic functionality for the Enclosure’s electronics. Please read the description of each add-on to learn whether the Basic Board is required.

To run the Advanced Filtration System and the White LED Strip at the same time, only one Basic Board with PSU is required (both add-ons can be connected to a single board), so you don’t need to buy the Basic Board for every single add-on separately.

The guide for Basic Board and PSU is part of the guide for Advanced Filtration System or White LED Strip Add-ons.

Package includes:
  • Enclosure Basic Board (1 pc)
  • Power supply (1 pc)
  • Power cord Y-splitter (1 pc)
  • Basic Board Cover (1 pc)