Next Gen LulzBot® Mini and Mini 2 Compatible Safety Enclosure

Next Gen LulzBot® Mini and Mini 2 Compatible Safety Enclosure

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With over 11 years developing enclosures for 3D printers, we are excited to launch the next generation of enclosures. We completely reworked everything from the ground up.

New materials, new approach to cooling, new spool holder, new universal design. Better fire protection over previous generation and easily modifiable by the end user.

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This is an enclosure kit compatiable with the Lulzbot Mini and Mini 2 3D Printers

  • Being first to market with an enclosure for the Lulzbot Mini and Mini 2 3D Printers, and having sold thousands around the world, we have received feedback from end users and have integrated them into our new designs.

  • Many companies have cloned our orginal designs including the Lulzbot people themselves. Which goes to show that our enclosures are the industry standard and that copying is the best form of flattery. If you would like to know if someone is an authorized distributor of our enclosures please contact

  • Company co-founder and CEO David Randolph has been developing enclosures for 3D printers for well over 11 years which is longer than most 3D printer manafacturers. That experience shows in the enclosures and function.

  • With an easy lift off design, you will be able to easily remove the top front or back with no tools and work on your printer.

  • The 3D printer is not included with the kit

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