Lokbuild Print Surface

Lokbuild Print Surface

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Lokbuild Print Surface
Lokbuild Print Surface for your 3D printer

The Ultimate 3D Print Build Surface

Prevent Warping / Effortless Model Removal

LokBuild creates an excellent bond between 3D printed models and the build surface while preventing curling and warping. When prints are completed the model can be cleanly removed with minimal effort. This is a vast improvement over the excessive scraping and forcing involved with some of the alternatives.

Build Plate Protection

Another big advantage of LokBuild is its durable finish. It is very effective at protecting the build plate. It is heat resistant and durable and can be reused for many consecutive prints. You can also use LokBuild with many different types of filament without needing to change the printing surface.


LokBuild is much more forgiving than some other products when setting the nozzle height and does not require such a high level of accuracy. This makes the calibration process much simpler and printing more enjoyable. TIP: When setting the nozzle height start further away from the bed than with other surfaces such as tapes.

Easy Installation

If you have ever used tape or films you will know that they are difficult to fit. LokBuild is more rigid and really easy to apply to your build plate. Also it is almost impossible for air bubbles to get trapped beneath the LokBuild surface. LokBuild can be removed from the build plate cleanly in one piece and usually leaves no residue behind.

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