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Jessie Premium PETG 1.75mm X Black 1kg

Jessie Premium PETG 1.75mm X Black 1kg

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Jessie Premium PETG 1.75mm X Black 1kg
Jessie Premium PETG 1.75mm X Black 1kg
Our premium 3d printer filament in black

Why Jessie Premium PETG?

Jessie is Printed Solid’s own exclusive filament line. Higher quality, easy prints, and a continued dedication to the community. Named after David Randolph’s dog.

Made in the USA

Our filament is made in Delaware, USA. Unlike other brands that just respool foreign-made filaments and call it American-made. We make a truly end to end filament here in the USA.


We keep environmental impact as low as possible with cardboard spools and a low loss extrusion process to minimize waste.

Superior Material

Jessie is a constantly evolving extrusion line with new colors and materials planned. We also are working on better spooling, even tighter tolerances and adding in more and more quality control beyond the industry standards.

Pure Colors

Our color catalog is constantly expanding. Our colors are never dulled down with fillers, so your prints will be radiant and just the right tone, every time.

Jessie Premium PETG Specs

Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm +/-0.02mm across two axis
Printing temp: 230C – 255C
Bed temp: 80C - 90C
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Samuel J.
United States

Prints well, doesn't fit in dryer and shinier than expected

It was easy to tweak and tune the profile for prusa slicer for my Prusa Mini+. I was expecting a more matte finish than it produces, but the quality of the material is good. The spool is much wider than expected and does not fit in my filament dryer which is a disappointment. I would like to see the spool sizes (spool width, diameter, and spool hole diameter) listed as well as more data about the filament like you might see in relation to ease of printing, shear strength, impact strength, heat resistance, etc. Overall I'm pleased with the quality and would consider this again.

Steven C.
United States United States

Total waste

I've used a LOT of Jessie PLA and they've all been great. This PETG is a a total fail. Every single print I've tried fails within 45 minutes. The filament seems to be twisted on the spool so as it pulls off the spool, it twists up like an old garden hose. Eventually, it gets so bad it kinks and won't feed into the extruder. Very disappointed.

United States United States

Total waste

This is the worst filament I've ever used. So twisted on the spool that I couldn't get a single print to run more than 45 minutes without getting coiled up till the filament kinks stopping it from feeding into the extruder. If I stood next to it the whole time, I could untwist it each time it got ******* up but no one is going to do that. Shame, I've always loved all the Jessie PLA spools I've gotten. Was hoping this would be my new PETG. Guess not.

United States United States

Great roll of PETG

Used a ton of the Jessie PLA to print COVID shields and many colors which all ran great. This PETG is just as good if not better. Noticeable difference from the eSun I have been using. Extruded nicely with minimal stringing on first layers. Zero once the fan kicked on. Layed down very smooth like it was PLA. Really loving the Jessie line, and now that they are making PETG I don't have to mess with other brands. The new cardboard spools are nice. No sharp edges to puncture the vacuum sealed bag. Recyclable too. Great price and fast shipping to boot. Will be back for more.

Decurion R.
United States United States

My New Go-To for PETG

I had previously been using a USA-made competitor's PETG for an appreciable extra cost, but tried this out on a 'whim.' I am NOT disappointed! In fact, it seems to act like the same base resin as the more expensive source I had been using, but the Jesse having [much] better packaging that doesn't suffer from the frequency of occasional water-logged spools like the other brand. Oh, and the Jesse line has FAR better colors to geek-out with! I printed this on a Voron at 260C (0.8mm nozzle in a high flow hot-end), and had a nice glossy appearance with fabulous bond strength. When dry (as it was delivered to me), it had very few stringing issues, especially for PETG. A PREMIUM product at a reasonable price! I have not yet determined the susceptibility to moisture (which my old brand was more affected by than imported brands) to comment on that. I keep my spools running out of airtight spool-farm boxes. Oh, and 5 stars for the shipping too! Ordered it Black Friday morning, it arrived Monday at my door!