E3D V6 Nozzle - Nickel Plated Copper - 2.85mm

E3D V6 Nozzle - Nickel Plated Copper - 2.85mm

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V6 Plated Copper Nozzles

These nozzles are engineered for ultimate high temperature performance. Made from a special high temperature copper-alloy with a softening point of well above 500°C, and with much-increased thermal conductivity these copper nozzles are perfect for high temperature applications, while working perfectly with everyday filaments like PLA, ABS and spoolWorks EDGE.

In addition to high temperature performance these nozzles have an advanced nickel based plating, considerably reducing the adhesion of plastic to the nozzle. This is great for everyday filaments keeping things clean and shiny, but is particularly important at temperatures above 300°C where a silicone sock can't be used.

Copper has more than 3x the thermal conductivity of brass, and the copper alloy we use has been hardened and treated to reduce the oxidation that occurs in copper at high temperatures. The higher thermal conductivity will also slightly increase your heat-up times, and can provide tighter temperature control.

This copper-alloy is very temperature resilient, and will not start to soften or anneal until way beyond 500°C, making it perfect for the high-temperature printing that other nozzles can't handle.

Combine with our plated copper blocks for the ultimate extrusion pairing. No need for hot tightening, this pairing just works.


M6 thread, suitable for use with the Prusa i3 and i3 MK2, and the Olssen block for Ultimaker.

Nozzle Size Application ID Dots*
0.25mm Highest Precision - Slower Prints 0
0.30mm   1
0.35mm Slight Increase in Precision 2
0.40mm Balanced Nozzle - Supplied by Default 3
0.60mm Our Preferred Minimum for Wood Filled Filament 4
0.80mm Lower Precision - High Speed, Higher Strength 5

* Dots are machined onto the hex-flats of the nozzles for easy identification.