E3D Stepper Motor - Slimline

By E3D

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E3D Stepper Motor - Slimline
E3D Stepper Motor - Slimline
A Nema17 12.7N-cm stepper motor with D-shaft and 1.0m wiring. 

Ultra-Slim NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use with your Titan extruder. Only 25mm body length, producing 12.7N-cm of torque these motors make an excellent choice for use on your extruder. 

These motors have been custom made for use with our Titan and Titan Aero extruders, striking the perfect balance of size, weight, torque and shaft. They arrive supplied with a pluggable cable 1000mm in length. 

This motor weighs 162g on its own and 190g with the supplied cable.

See Datasheet Here

Manufacturer E3D
Holding Torque 12.7 N-cm
Shaft 26mm
D Shaft 24mm
Rated Voltage 2.7v
Rated Current 1.4 A/phase
Stepping Angle 0.9°
Lead Length 1000mm
Body Length 25mm


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