E3D Silicone Socks 3 Pack Pro / Original

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E3D Silicone Socks 3 Pack Pro / Original

Keep your 3D Printer's heater block and nozzle clean and warm with these silicone socks.  

Note:  This is the original style Silicone Sock that covers up to the very tip of the nozzle.  If you're looking for the newer style with a more exposed nozzle, check here.

This product is compatible with the E3D cartridge style heater block on the V6.  If you have an older bead style heater block, we have an upgrade kit available here

For those who have printed with copolyesters like colorFabb XT, you know that if you don't nail the settings absolutely dead on, the nozzle can pick up little bits of material throughout the print.   The bits collect until they are big enough to be dropped off in a gooey char blob.  Doesn't usually matter much for function, but for looks it's not great.  

The silicone socks help to address that issue with a non-stick surface that covers most of the nozzle and heater block leaving only a little bit of the end of the nozzle sticking out.  

The sock also provides the additional benefit of insulating your heat source.  This allows for more cooling of your print for better bridges and overhangs without the concern of accidentally cooling your nozzle and causing temperature fluctuations (or the dreaded temp fall error).  It also insulates your part from the heat generated from the heater block which will cause some improvement in quality.  

It is expected that this sock may become worn or damaged over time, and they're cheap enough that the shipping is more than the cost of one piece, so we've bundled them into multi packs.  Your future self will thank us.

Example of how the sock fits on the hot end

E3D Silicone Boot on Hot End

Nozzle fit in sock. One sock fits all nozzle.  

E3D Silicone Sock on Nozzle - One size fits all.


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