Duet PT100 DaughterBoard

Duet PT100 DaughterBoard

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This is a daughterboard specifically designed for the DuetWifi and the DuetEthernet that allows two PT100 temperature sensors to be attached. These PT100 sensors can be either two or 4 wire, there are jumpers on the latest version of the board for easily switching between two and 4 wire mode.

The DuetWifi and DuetEthernet support up to two daughterboards, with a further two on a Duex2 or Duex5 expansion board, with 4 daughter boards a total of 8 PT100 sensors are supported. Thermocouple and PT100 daughterboards can be mixed and matched.

We also supply E3D encased PT100 temperature sensors and compatible E3D V6/Lite heater blocks