Bondtech X2 Extruder For E3D Dual Extrusion

Bondtech X2 Extruder For E3D Dual Extrusion

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BMG-X2 Extruder For E3D Hotends

  • For the newer Chimera+/Cyclops+ with a c-c of 20.00 mm (see pictures with red tabs).

The CC 20.00 version is compatible with the Aqua Version.
Make sure to select the correct version for your application.

SLS 3D Printed Housing in PA12

The housing parts are professionally SLS printed in nylon for maximum strength and precision.

This extruder only supports 1.75 mm size filament.


NOT INCLUDED in this product: Alu Mounts; Hotends; Heaters, Thermistors, and their Cables.
INCLUDED in this product: 2x NEMA 17 Pancake stepper motor; 2x JST-XH6 to PC2510 Cable 700 mm.