Bondtech All Spare Parts


Heat sink
  • Black anodized aluminum to remove heat from desired component.
  • Equipped with 3M self-adhesive on the back for easy attachment.
  • Fits Well on Nema17 stepper motors.

JST Cable

  • JST-XH4 4-pin connector to JST-XH6 6-pin connector.
  • This cable is by default wired for our 40 mm Geared Nema17 motor, please make sure that it follows the schematics for your application.
  • Controller side      Motor side
  • PIN 1  —————– PIN 1
  • PIN 2 —————– PIN 4
  • PIN 3 —————– PIN 3
  • PIN 4 —————– PIN 6

Needle Bearing

High precision needle bearing that is used in our Bondtech drive gears, for shaft diameter 3.0 mm, two bearings is used for one drive gear.

Shaft3x20 Shaft3x32

  • Hardened and precision ground shaft for the Bondtech gearkits.

Bmg Aluminum-Mount

  • This mount for BMG extruder is CNC machined to precise tolerances in 3 mm thick aluminium that assures a secure and stable mounting for the extruder.

    M3 Threaded insert

    • Thread insert for applications when a metal thread is needed with plastic parts.

    • To attach the thread in plastic, a hole is required in the correct size for the selected insert.

    • Insert the thread insert into plastic with heat. The easiest is to make a special tip for a soldering iron and use it to heat up and fit the insert into the plastic.

    Ball Bearing

    • High precision ball bearing that is used in the BMG and in our Dual & Single direct extruders for Raise3D.
    • Dimensions: 5.0×8.0x2.5

    Thumb Screw

    • Thumbscrew replacement for all bondtech extruders
    • only hand tighten do not use tools
    • M3 Thread Size

    Shaft Assembly

    • Replacement Shaft assembly for our BMG, Single and Dualdirect extruders.
    • Including setscrew for primary 1.75/5.0 drivgear.
    • Color may vary

    Motor Gear

    • 17 tooth gear in steel 

    • M3x3 setscrew used in our BMG, Single and Dualdirect extruders.

    • Please make sure that the setscrew does not collide with the secondary plastic gear when assembled.

    • Color may vary

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