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Flex Plate for Railcore®️ 300ZL and 300ZLT

Flex Plate for Railcore®️ 300ZL and 300ZLT

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These plates are made exclusively for Printed Solid and to our exact specifications so they are a perfect fit for your Railcore®️ Printer.

the plate is 340x320 with 20mm tabs 


Railcore®️  RailCore is a registered Trademark of RailCore Labs, LLC.

Flex Plate for Railcore 300ZL and 300ZLT

This flexible plate for the Railcore 300ZL and 300ZLT. No surface treatments, no coatings (except for rust prevention) Ready for you to apply any surface you want to it. or grab one of our plates with PEI or GeckoTek!! It has more flex in it that some plates, making it easier to bend to remove your parts. So stock up on these Plates and get to experimenting with different print surfaces and treatments.

Blank: Just need a spare sheet or want to apply your own build surface

PEI: We apply the PEI to a plate for you

Magnetic base sheet: There is a lot of way to attach your plate to your bed but the magnetic sheet has got a lot of attraction! this includes magsheet/ Blank plate. The magnet is good for up to 110c.