2M long 12v 30W Heater Cartridge

2M long 12v 30W Heater Cartridge

By Printed Solid

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2M long 12v 30W Heater Cartridge

Building your own large format printer?

Adding a E3Dv6 Hotend to your CR-10S?

Just need more length out of your heater wires?

All authentic E3D heater cartridges are provided as a standard 1m length.  This is the best choice for most printers, but if you have a giant beast of a machine, you need long wires.  So, Printed Solid has sourced these 2m long heaters for you.  

This heater cartridge has a full 2 meter wire lead without any splices and no extra connectors in the way. Avoid splicing the wires and eliminate the potential problems with heat, movement, fraying, disconnections along  the wire.