Warranty & Repairs


Original Prusa printers purchased from Printed Solid have a limited 1-year warranty.

When purchasing detached pieces or a kit, the warranty applies to every part separately. With the purchase of a fully assembled printer or any accessory, the warranty applies to the assembly, as well.

If a product under warranty is sent to Printed Solid for a repair, the warranty period will be extended by the length of time the product is away for the repair. Shipping will be paid for by the customer.

Limited Warranty on Consumables

Some parts of our products inevitably “get used up” over time. For these parts, specific conditions apply, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

Satin spring steel sheet
Powder-coated spring steel sheet
Smooth PEI covered spring steel sheet
Smooth PEI covered heatbed (MK2S)
The warranty does not apply to wear and tear.
SL1 exposure display
500 hours of printing
SL1S SPEED exposure display
2000 hours of printing
FEP film
10 print jobs

Warranty is voided by:

  • Any damages caused by improper assembly of the product.
  • Any damage caused by improper use, maintenance or operation of the printer.
  • Any damage caused by long-term lack of maintenance.
  • Using the printer in improper conditions (temperature, dustiness…).
  • Upgrades or add-ons that are not officially supported.

The warranty does not cover normal, expected wear and tear caused by using the printer for its intended purpose. If a user error is found during a warranty repair, the parts and return shipping will be charged!

For items purchased from prusa3D.com, please contact Official Prusa support here.


To submit a repair ticket, please fill out the form below or email support@printedsolid.com. One of our support representatives will respond via email with the next steps in the repair process.

Prusa printers not covered under warranty may still be repaired for a fee.


Please refer to our return policy here.