Daniel Halvorson - New Guest Blogger

Daniel Halvorson - New Guest Blogger

If you are active on any number of Facebook 3D Printing groups, there's a good chance you've had a positive interaction with Daniel Halvorson.  I'm active on a lot of those groups, and I've noticed how good Daniel's advice usually is.  Not only does he offer good advice, but he is usually very respectful and polite.  Knowledgeable, helpful, and polite is such a rare combination in social media that I had to approach him to compliment him.  

As we got to talking, an idea was born.  Daniel would take his knowledge and use the Printed Solid blog as a platform to share his advice.  He came up with the idea of establishing a series of articles for A Solid Foundation for 3D Printing.  These articles would go through some of the basic concepts required to really produce great prints.  If we get it right, they will be presented in a way that has enough technical depth to satisfy more experienced users but enough simple information that newbies aren't scared away.  

Here is Daniel's introduction:

Hello, everyone! My name is Daniel Halvorson, and I’m an engineering student going into the field of additive manufacturing. Matt Gorton and I are kicking off a series of articles that will explore the engineering side of hobby-level 3D printing. Over the next few months, articles will be posted periodically to the Printed Solid blog. Whether you’re a garage tinkerer hoping to avoid design pitfalls as you build a DIY printer, a student learning about the theoretical intricacies of printing, or a hobbyist who’s focusing on the practical side of print quality troubleshooting, I hope there’s something here for you.

If you have ideas for new articles, get in touch with me! Likewise, if you feel that something could use more clarification or should be explained differently, or if you see a typo or think something is incorrect, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy printing,

-- Daniel Halvorson

(You can find me on Reddit and Instagram as “techyfiddler”, or you can usually reach me quickly on Facebook.)


Daniel Halvorson

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