Midwest Reprap Fest 2015

MRRF2015_1024Xx427   Better late than never, right? This year, I'm proud to report that Printed Solid will be a supporting vendor at the 2015 Midwest RepRap Festival.  This is an annual event held in NorthWestern Indiana where 3D printing people from around the world gather to discuss ideas and show off their work.  If you're into 3D Printing, hopefully RepRap needs no explanation, but just in case, here's a little primer. The Reprap movement is responsible for the existence of consumer 3D printing in its current state.  It embodies the spirit of open hardware and open software.  People from all around the world work together and on their own to use their skills to develop designs for printers and the supporting software, then freely and openly share those ideas to benefit the community as a whole.  It is nothing short of an absolutely awesome thing.  The name comes from the idea of a self replicating rapid prototype machine; a machine that could be used to produce parts to make a duplicate of itself.  You can find a lot more information at reprap.org. At the event, there will be people demonstrating their printers, speakers, vendors, and lots of cool conversation. I will be there with examples of prints in all of the great materials we carry as well as filament, hot ends, and displays available for purchase on Friday and Saturday only.  The material for purchase will be at a discounted price over what we sell on our site, but I can't guarantee what the selection will be. If there is something special that you want to buy, CONTACT US and we will make sure to bring it along prepped and ready for pickup. I will also have samples of colorFabb XT-CF20, colorFabb XT, colorFabb bronzefill (2.85mm only) AND brand new brassfill (only in 1.75 right now) available to give out, but there is a catch.  To earn your free sample, you will have to show us a cool print, so make sure to bring some along. Looking forward to meeting many of you!
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