The Printed Solid Showroom and Warehouse

Printed Solid operates a warehouse at 2860 Ogletown Rd, Building 6, Unit 8 Newark, DE that features a showroom with open hours.

The showroom is our space where you can come in to:

  • Purchase any object in our webstore with easy local pickup
  • Chat with a desktop 3D Printing expert.  We work with a wide range of printers, so if you're having trouble with any 3D Printer, we're glad to help. 
  • Check out a wide range of 3D Printers
  • See samples of objects printed in a wide range of different 3D Printing materials
  • Attend our monthly meetups
The Printed Solid Showroom and Warhouse - Your 3D Printing Experts in Newark, DE

Our vision for the space is that it will help people in the market for a new 3D Printer or interested in a new type of material make a more informed decision. One customer described the space as 'a skateboard shop or indie record shop of 3D Printing.'
We are always available for appointments, typically even last minute, but if you want to just drop in, here are our standard staffed hours:

A Mini Tour of Our Shop

Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 2, and Demo 3D Print Wall
First thing that will catch your eye is the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+ Extended on stands both fitted with our enclosures.  These are usually our first recommendation for a printer that needs to be used in an professional or educational type environment. They look good, are quiet, print exceptionally well, and are easy to use.  Then you have the prints on display. The top shelf of prints is customer featured prints.  Maybe we could show off some of your work?
Then you come around to our Lulzbot Taz 6 and Mini 2 3D printers. These are also best in class machines. We advise the Taz 6 for workshop users looking for something with a large volume and capability to handle a wide range of materials. The Mini 2 is a fabulous starter machine and is awesome for schools and libraries.
Lulzbot Taz 6 and Mini 2 3D Printers at Printed Solid
Ultimaker S5 and Maker Gear M3 at Printed Solid
Raise3D and Polymaker Polysher at Printed Solid
Then we have our Raise3D, Polymaker Polysher, Ultimaker S5, and Maker Gear M3 3D Printers equipped with BOFA filters.
You come back around the room to see our large display of examples prints including color samples and mechanical samples in 100s of different materials.    
Printed Solid Example 3D Printed Objects
Sir Layersalot Example Prints at Printed Solid

We're passionate about 3D Printing and want to help you experience that same excitement. We also offer many 3D Printing and design related services and you can check them out here.