Jessie Filament is now made in house at Printed Solid.


New Year = New Filament

We have spent 2019 moving into a larger space and building out a new filament extrusion line and now we are ready to launch.

Having our own filament line allows us more control over the process so we can respond faster to problems and requests by our customers.

Now that we are making our own filament in house this allows for us to have a lower price. They said it couldn't be done but we have done it. A full 1kg spool of filament made in the USA for under $20. 

This filament line will continue to evolve with more colors, more materials, more improvements to the process. We are ready to grow this part of the business with our customers helping us lead the way by producing affordable 3d printing filament in the USA.

 Available now for purchase.

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