David Randolph appointed CEO of Printed Solid Inc.


Printed Solid (printedsolid.com) was founded in 2013 by Matthew Gorton in Newark Delaware as a supplier of 3D Printing materials and accessories. In 2017 Printed Solid acquired Ranlaser, a company that had been designing and manufacturing safety enclosures for 3D printers for over 8 years and owned by David Randolph. As part of the acquisition of Ranlaser, David Randolph became a Co-Owner of Printed Solid and COO along with Matthew Gorton as CEO. In 2018 Printed Solid acquired Maker Box (makerbox.me) which provided a filament sample subscription service. Over the last 2 years Matthew and David have grown Printed Solid into two buildings, tripled gross sales and hired additional team members for the company by expanding their line of 3D printers, enclosures and accessories focused on makers, government and educational customers.

             With this growth showing no signs of stopping Matthew and David have spent an enormous amount of time working to expand Printed Solid into a premium 3D printing supplier and manufacturer. Even with hiring additional team members, this has taken a toll on Matthew’s family life. At Printed Solid we work to ensure all of our team members maintain a quality workplace experience and have policies in place to keep a healthy family balance as well. As part of this belief David and Matthew have come to an agreement in which David has purchased Matthew’s shares in Printed Solid. Matthew will be stepping down as CEO and David Randolph will become the CEO of Printed Solid Inc. as of March 29th 2019.

             As part of the mutual agreement Matthew will be taking Maker Box and separating it into an independent company that will not require as large of a personal time commitment.  This will give him the opportunity to spend more time with his family while still giving Maker Box greater focus to bring an even higher quality subscription service to its users.

         David will be using his new role as CEO to restructure the internal operations of Printed Solid to expand marketing, inventory, support, staff and new product development while maintaining the same personal experience that have defined Printed Solid as a premium provider of 3D printing supplies. This will help ensure that the tremendous growth Printed Solid is experiencing does not impact the core values of customer service and community involvement of Printed Solid.

             Matthew will remain on the board as an advisor and ambassador for Printed Solid during the transition. David is excited for this change and is grateful for everything Matthew has done to help build Printed Solid into the company it is today. Everyone at Printed Solid Inc. wants to thank Matthew’s family for sticking with him during the early years of Printed Solid and wish them all the best.

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