COVID-19 and Printed Solid and MRRF

Every year we look forward to MRRF and seeing everyone in Indiana. But as COVID-19 continues to spread we must think of our workers and our customers health. So we will not be attending MRRF this year as a way of limiting the spread of this virus. 

A few weeks back we added an additional week of paid sick leave for our employees as COVID-19 was becoming more of a problem. This is to make sure our employees do not have to worry about money when they should be worrying about their health.

We have always had a disaster recovery plan in place at Printed Solid so we are well prepared to continue business during these stressful times. Our sales and support staff will be working from home over the next few weeks with VoIP and other web based applications in order to ensure the place runs as if nothing has changed. Shipping will continue as usual with no delays or expected interruptions. Additional cleaning and sanitation measures have been rolled out to make sure we protect our workers and your packages. We have extra inventory coming in should there be any delays or problems in the supply chain down the road. So far the only thing this will impact is product development. We had intended to be at MRRF this year to show off all of our new 2020 products under the Printed Solid brand. The new products will have some slight delays and will be a little more staggered out but they will still be announced and start shipping during early April.

We look forward to servicing you during these troubled times and we will make every effort to make things go as smoothly as possible.


Thank you and wash your hands.




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