3D Printed Decorative Letter Bowls

image   1451490_233226323512586_1922405943_nHere’s another application for 3D printing. Custom party decorations. My wife and I decided we wanted to have bowls in the shape of the letters of our daughter’s name to hold snacks for her birthday.  So, I designed some in CAD and printed them on my Ultimaker 3D printer.  Of course these are also great for Christmas party ambience. This process can be repeated pretty easily with any font or 2D line drawing.   For anyone interested in purchasing something like this, I have them for sale on my ETSY store .   If you have a 3D printer and want some of the details on how I designed these or if you just want to download the letters (I made all 26 in caps) you can check it out on thingiverse. As always, if you need a custom design, send me a message at mgorton@printedsolid.com.
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