Baby Gate Anchor - No Drilling Required

Continuing with the theme of parts for our baby gates…

Those of you with kids, or perhaps pets, are probably familiar with these gates that go across a large opening and have a hinged door in the middle.  They come with a part that is a little cup with a hole in it that you are supposed to screw into your doorway to anchor the gate in place.  

Here’s a (blurry, sorry) picture of the anchor.  

I wasn’t really too interested in drilling holes in the doorway to mount this gate that is only going to be up for a few years.  

So, I designed a replacement.  

First, I took some measurements around the doorway.  

Then I modeled it in CAD.

Next, I loaded it up into my new favorite 3D printing slicer program Cura V13.06.3 which prepared the model for 3D printing in no time.

Then I printed it.  I only had a few colors on hand so it’s orange.  When I get a chance, I’ll paint it to match the trim…  or not.

Here is a link to a youtube video of the part printing.

The two tabs on the ends secure the part to the wall and the slot in the center secures the gate to the part.  No drilling, gluing, or taping required.  

If anyone would like me to make one of these for your gate, I can make a set of these primed and ready for painting for $10 with free shipping in the continental US.  

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