Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer

Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer

By Zortrax

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Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer
Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer
Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer
Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer
Zortrax Inkspire UV Resin Printer
Resin 3D printing made better
The technology behind Zortrax Inkspire relies on a high resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting to cure photopolymers layer by layer.

Surgical precision
The XY resolution is 50x50 microns with minimal layer height of only 25 microns.

Consistent speed
High speed of printing is maintained regardless of how much of the workspace is used.

Results repeatability
Industrial build quality ensures consistent dimensional accuracy over multiple prints.

Easy supports removal
Supports can get additional UV light exposure to make them harder and easier to remove.

Wide resins compatibility
All available resins that can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelength are supported.

Meet UV LCD technology
SLA and DLP are traditional resin 3D printing technologies. An SLA printer works at constant precision but the more of its workspace is used, the more it slows down. In DLP machines, the speed is constant but precision decreases when workspace usage grows. Zortrax UV LCD maintains both high speed and precision at all times.

Fast resin 3D printing
An advanced optical system guarantees almost perfectly even distribution of UV light across the build platform. That's why the Inkspire is one of the fastest resin 3D printers on the market without compromising any of the print's quality.

Specification for Zortrax Inkspire
Build volume 74 x 132 x 175 mm (2.9 x 5.2 x 6.9 in)
Platform calibration Automatic
Support Mechanically removed - printed with the same material as the model
Light source UV integrated light (wavelength 405 nm)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Operating system Android
Processor Quad Core
Touchscreen 4" IPS 800 x 480
Supported formats .cws, .zcodex, .sl1, .zip
Software Z-SUITE
Supported file types .stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
Supported operating systems Mac OS up to Mojave version / Windows 7 and newer versions
Printing Technology UV LCD
Pixel size 50 microns (0.05 mm)
Layer thickness 25, 50, 100 microns
Ambient operation temperature 20-30° C (68-86° F)
Storage temperature 0-35° C (32-95° F)
AC input 110 V ~ 5.9 A 50/60 Hz 240 V ~ 2.5A 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 75 W
In the box 3D Printer, Z-SUITE, Starter Kit, Zortrax Photopolymer Resin Basic (500 ml)

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