Ultimaker ABS 2.85mm X 750g NFC Enabled Silver

Ultimaker ABS 2.85mm X 750g NFC Enabled Silver

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Ultimaker ABS with a NFC chip compatible with the Ultimaker 3 and all other 3D Printers that use 2.85mm or 3mm filament.

"Printed Solid considers ABS to be a fairly difficult material to print well.  If you're not sure if it's the right fit for you, please contact us with any questions"

You will definitely want an enclosure and we advise a PEI sheet.

3D Printing filament produced by Ultimaker to provide optimal performance from your Ultimaker brand 3D printer.  

ABS is a material used for 3D Printing where exposure to temperatures above 100C are expected and where a high flex before break is required.  It is fairly soft and easily post processed with acetone vapor or sanding.  

Some studies have shown that ABS fumes may be harmful to your health.  Please use this filament only in a well ventilated area.  An enclosure with exhaust to the outside is ideal.  

Ultimaker ABS is blended with polycarbonate and polyethylene terephthalate for improved printablity and reduced odor.  

Tips for printing with ABS:  ABS has a high tendency to warp, so the following should be considered:

Keep the print volume warm (above ~37C or 100F helps a lot) .  This can be done either with an enclosure around the printer or just keeping it in a hot location.  

Press the first layer into the build plate and run it slow.  

If all else fails, try using a raft.