Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Pack

Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Pack

By Ultimaker

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Are you wondering what parts you should have on hand for routine maintenance in the long and short term for your Ultimaker 3 printer?  What's the equivalent of the 3000 mile oil change and the 60000 mile timing belt change you do on your car for your 3D Printer?  The long answer is, it depends on how you use it.  

However, Ultimaker has collected the most common items for servicing your printer, going up to around 5000 hours.  Buy this maintenance pack with your printer, keep it in your supplies cabinet, and rest assured that when your printer decides it needs a little bit of TLC, you will have the right parts on hand.  

This pack includes:

  • 2X Bowden tube 
  • XY calibration sheet
  • Calibration card
  • Glass plate
  • Hex screwdriver 2.0
  • 2X Silicone nozzle cover 
  • 4X Clamp clip 
  • 4X Tube coupling collet 
  • 2X Build plate clamp 
  • 10X Silicone nozzle ring 
  • Cleaning filament
  • Axial fan
  • 2X Radial fan