Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack

Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack

By Ultimaker

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Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack

Do you use the Ultimaker 2 Go as a printer on the Go?  We do.  The Ultimaker 2 Go with it's handy carrying case is an awesome choice if you need to regularly move your printer between home, office, classroom, and any other sites where you might want to have a handy little miniature factory.  

Ultimaker has made this a bit easier and ergonomically sensible with the release of the backpack for the Ultimaker Go.  

Simply bolt fasten the two metal reinforcing frame members onto the case and attach the backpack straps.  You can now carry your printer with your hands free!  

 Ultimaker 2 Go and Backpack

Check out this video showing how the people at 3DPrinterOS are using it in their daily work.