LulzBot® TAZ Pro and Workhorse Compatible ABS+ Safety Enclosure by Printed Solid

By Printed Solid

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LulzBot® TAZ Pro and Workhorse Compatible ABS+ Safety Enclosure by Printed Solid

We are the original creators and manufacturers of the Lulzbot® enclosures. Consider supporting open source by buying direct from Printed Solid. We support open source and the innovation it provides for the community but releasing this enclosure under the open source license has enabled a number of clones of our designs including Lulzbot® themselves.

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Use this ABS acrylic 3D printer enclosure with your LulzBot® TAZ Pro or Workhorse to minimize warping and cracking caused by printing in cold and drafty environments, while keeping curious hands and paws away from the heated and moving parts of your 3D printer. This new 3D printer enclosure features a strengthened design with ABS panels, and comes ready to assemble with all components provided (no 3D printing required).

Perfect for:  

    Cold and/or drafty environments
    Printing materials with high shrink rates, like ABS, Nylons (Polyamides), and Polycarbonates
    Classrooms, libraries, and high-traffic areas with curious hands







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