Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini

Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini

By Printed Solid

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Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini
Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini
Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini
Safety Enclosure for Prusa Mini

NOTE:  The sheets in this kit come covered in a protective masking tape that should be removed before assembly.

Assembly Instructions

This is an enclosure kit for Prusa Mini printer only.

Help regulate the temperature and reduce drafts for improved print quality and keep curious fingers (or paws) off of your print. You also get a slight reduction in the already low noise output of the printer.

The kit includes an instruction sheet, the laser cut panels, door hinges, and fasteners.  The Prusa Mini 3D printer is not included with the enclosure kit.

Some of the features of the design that we think are really neat:

  • Enclosed build chamber
  • Hinged doors on the front of the enclosure
  • Knock out holes for a BOFA Print Pro 3 HEPA filter system or mount your own 60mm fans on the side.
  • No glue is required for assembly and can easily be disassembled for moving or replacing panels if damaged.
  • No drilling, cutting, or other modifications to the printer itself are required.  

All of our enclosures have the option to add a BOFA HEPA air filtration system which is considered to be the industry leaders in filtration. The 3D PrintPRO range of extraction systems combine high capture performance with proven filter technology, ensuring the effective removal of hazardous particulate, gases/vapours and odours associated with 3D printing methods.

The BOFA PrintPro2 is lower print option without a return hose ideal for materials that do not need a warm build chamber.

The BOFA PrintPro3 is a higher end solution with a return hose and variable speed, making it ideal for ABS/ASA/Nylon printing.

To mount the hose to the enclosure you will need to print this hose adaptor to easily attach the BOFA to any of our enclosure designs. You can download them here.



External dimensions are 20.5" deep by 17" wide by 21" tall w/o spool holder on side.