Robo3D Upgrade Bundle #1



Looking to get the most from your Robo3D?  Order this combo for a discount on purchase of the two most commone Robo3D upgrades at the same time.

This bundle is compatible with all versions of the Robo3D including Kickstarter Beta, R1, and R1+.  

Each version of the printer will require some parts to be printed for the installation.  All versions will need fan shrouds and the R1+ will need a new quick release plate.  If you are completely down and cannot print, you can select the option to have us print the release plate for you.

To see what is required for your version of the Robo3D, check this thread.  Contact us with any questions either here or direct message on that forum.

This combo includes:

Take advantage of our always free shipping option or bump up to priority for faster delivery at only a few  $$ extra.

 Note that as of early 7/16, the E3D kit comes with a canister style thermistor, so the stud thermistor we used to offer as part of this bundle is no longer offered.  


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