Red/White/Blue Bundle Printed Solid - Daily PLA 3X 1kg

Printed Solid

Bundle includes one spool each of 1kg Red, White, and Blue. 

This is part of our 2018 Independence Day special on Made in the USA filaments


Introducing Printed Solid's First custom made filament.  

This is a simple standard grade, *American Made* PLA suitable for all your daily printing projects.  Use it for all your prints that are suitable for standard grade PLA.  

Amount - 1kg of Filament on a spool, 1 spool each of red, white, and blue

Advised settings:

Nozzle: 200-230C

Bed: Room Temperature to 60C

Print Surface: Whatever you use for normal PLA is great.  Our suggestion is PEI when you use a heated bed and blue tape for a cold bed, but whatever you are presently using for PLA will be great for this as well.  

Nozzle:  No special nozzle requirements for this.  Print with whatever diameter and material nozzle you prefer.  

Cooling:  100% for most setups.  

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