RailCore 2 300 ZLT Printer Kit

RailCore 2 300 ZLT Printer Kit

By Railcore

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RailCore 2 300 ZLT Printer Kit
RailCore 2 300 ZLT Printer Kit

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This kit includes the following major components:

  • Railcore frame, hardware, doors, clear electronics cover.
  • LDO Rails
  • LDO motors
  • Supporting electronics and wiring
  • Duet WiFi and DueX5
  • Standard Bed (Please contact us if you do not want the standard bed included)
  • No hot end but does include mounting hardware for E3D v6 and Slice Engineering Mosquito. Contact us for fitting the proper hot end to your printer.
  • Bondtech BMG Extruder
  • BLtouch

Purchase your hot end separately:

Assembly Instructions:



Now Printed Solid has the Railcore Printer kits and has added a few of their own touches to it. In addition to the standard kit you Printed Solid has also taken on making the panels in house and instead of single sided textured panels we are using double sided texture panels to help give you a more finished look on the inside and outside of the printer. We also include a set of doors and hinges and a clear electronics cover with spool holder slots already cut out for you. 

We teamed up with Railcore and ProjectR3D to help bring this improved kit to the market and get you on your way to that CoreXY printing excellence you have wanted for so long.

You can reach out to our sales team at sales@printedsolid.com if you have questions or if you want to add or remove specific components from the kit. We are ready to help.