Railcore II 300ZL/T Halo - NEMA 23

Railcore II 300ZL/T Halo - NEMA 23

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Railcore II 300ZL/T Halo - NEMA 23
This halo is designed for the 300ZL/T series of the RailCore II printers.

This halo works with larger Magnum pulleys  and NEMA 23 motors. The number of mounting holes and their placement are slightly different on this halo as compared to the original halo, to specifically accommodate the larger Magnum pulleys and NEMA 23 motors. The larger Magnum pulleys are now placed inside the halo perimeter where as the original (smaller) pulleys were placed outside of the halo frame.

This halo is NOT compatible with the original RailCore II (small) pulleys or NEMA 17 motors.  If you have any questions about compatibility, please ask prior to ordering.

The halo is a large structural element that helps align and rigidize the idler pulley mounts, motor mounts, and printer frame. 

This part replaces the idler pulley mounts and the motor mounts with a large, one piece structure designed for NEMA 23 motors.  It has access holes to allow easy adjustment of the top 4 corner cubes and a large open center for easy access.

We recommend having an assortment of M3 bolts/screws, in the 8mm - 16mm range, on hand to attach any accessories to the halo, as needed.


The 300ZL/T halo overall dimensions are approximately 572 x 480 mm (22.51 x 18.89 in).

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