Proto-Pasta Conductive Carbon Black PLA 1.75mm X 500g

Proto-Pasta Conductive Carbon Black PLA 1.75mm X 500g

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From the people who first brought you Carbon Fiber PLA, we are proud to present Conductive PLA.

Have you ever wanted to create something with your 3D printer that includes electronics? Maybe an LED, touch sensor, or some other genius invention to solve the world problems? Then Proto-pasta Conductive PLA is the perfect material for you.

Proto-pasta Conductive PLA is a great choice for low-voltage circuitry applications and touch sensor / touch screen projects. As a general rule, anything you can run through a 1K resistor should be doable with this material (if you design the conductors to be the right size to handle the heat produced). This will easily run a low current Arduino, if you are not powering much with it.

Mechanically, this material is a bit more flexible than regular PLA, which is also a neat effect.  

It does take quite a bit to purge all conductive PLA, so consider pairing with some cleaning filament.  

125 g is an un-spooled loose coil. 500 g is on a plastic spool.

All material is sealed with desiccant in a plastic bag.

Printer Settings: Proto-pasta Conductive PLA is quite easy to print and is compatible with most printers that can print PLA.

Density: 1.15 g/cm3 (1500 kg/m3)

Parameters: Bed Temp (if available, is not required): 50° C

Hot End Temp: 215 230° C

How Conductive Is It?

The measure normally used to characterize a conductor is volume resistivity with the units of Ohm. This can be confusing because it is not obvious what it means like miles per hour. It is simply the resistance through a 1cm X 1cm X 1cm cube of material, with full sheet contact at 2 opposing surfaces. It is often misprinted as ohm/cm which is not a common unit of measure.

Protopasta measured the conductivity using a fixture that clamps a sample between 2 sheet conductors and 1cm cubes printed on a Printrbot Simple Metal and machined from solid resin.

Here are the results:

Volume resistivity of molded resin (not 3D Printed): 15 ohm-cm

Volume resistivity of 3D printed parts perpendicular to layers: 30 ohm-cm

Compatible with PLA-printing machines, including Makerbot, Ultimaker, Printrbot, Robo3D, Airwolf, TAZ, Afina, Leapfrog, Type A Machines, and more.

 Proto-pasta Conductive PLA is a compound of Natureworks 4043D PLA, a dispersant and conductive carbon black. In filament form, it is quite flexible, and is compatable with any PLA printing printer.