Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber PLA 1.75MM x 500g

Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber PLA 1.75MM x 500g

By Proto-pasta

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Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber PLA 1.75MM x 500g


The material consists of finely chopped carbon fiber filament in a black PLA matrix.  It processes at normal PLA temperatures.

While static strength is about the same as a good PLA, the benefit of the carbon fiber is very high stiffness.  The filament itself almost feels more like the rigidity of metal welding rod than plastic.

Why would you need a stiffer filament?  Well, that up to you.  People create some amazing projects with 3D printing and maybe this is exactly what you need for yours.  One very popular use is for frames for quadcopters where a high stiffness to weight ratio is ideal.

Filament is held to a tight +/-0.05mm tolerance at 1.75mm and 2.85 nominal.

This is stocked in 250gr coils, 500g and (a limited quantity of) 750g on a spool (125g and 2kg spools available on request).  Because it is so stiff, you are not likely to get it tangled in 1.75 and would really need to try to tangle it in 2.85mm.  Loose coil holders are available from file sharing sites like thingiverse and youmagine.

*Note that users who have used large amounts of this filament have reported wear on some hot ends or heat breaks.  In our experience, this will become noticeable after running through several full spools.  Consider purchasing a hardened nozzle, a stainless nozzle or just replacing your brass nozzle periodically if you notice this wear.  

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