Printed Solid - Daily PLA 2.85mm X 1kg

Printed Solid

Introducing Printed Solid's First custom made filament.  

This is a simple standard grade, *American Made* PLA suitable for all your daily printing projects.  Use it for all your prints that are suitable for standard grade PLA.  


Amount - 1kg of Filament on a spool

Advised settings:

Nozzle: 200-230C

Bed: Room Temperature to 60C

Print Surface: Whatever you use for normal PLA is great.  Our suggestion is PEI when you use a heated bed and blue tape for a cold bed, but whatever you are presently using for PLA will be great for this as well.  

Nozzle:  No special nozzle requirements for this.  Print with whatever diameter and material nozzle you prefer.  

Cooling:  100% for most setups.  

Tolerance:  +/-0.03mm

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